Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Changes

I originally started this blog as a way to promote my Etsy shop. I also started a twitter account, web site, facebook account etc. Well I've been thinking a lot about how hard it is to keep up with all of these sites. I do a really terrible job of updating them, and its mostly because I don't think about them or I think about them at the wrong time (i.e. at 2am when I can't sleep). Plus, it feels kind of weird 'not posting' twitter and blog updates for awhile then all of the sudden starting again. So, I've decided to make a few changes. One, I cancelled my web site and FB page, and two, I'm moving this blog over to Typepad. With Typepad I can have a blog and 'web site' in one. I also like the layout over there.
I don't do as well with my Etsy shop as I would like, and I think it's because I don't make promo stuff a priority. SO, I have decided to set aside time each day to do just that... and I really think a fresh start on a new blog would help. I cancelled the FB page because FB and twitter are so similar, and in an effort to simplify, I decided to get rid of one of them. Better to keep up with one or two things, then "not" keep up with half a dozen things, right?
I'll be posting a link to the new blog as soon as its up!!

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Izzy said...

Personally I love my Typepad. Blogger is so temperamental. Wherever you go kiddo, you know I'm a followin'. =) Big hug. Thinking it's time for another giveaway. Need to add to my Am collection. =)