Monday, December 27, 2010

Faulty Christmas Lights

We put up our Christmas tree about a week before Christmas, and every year we tell the kids not to mess with the lights. Well last Sunday, Matt and I were downstairs when we suddenly lost electricity in half of the house. Jalen yelled that she had been shocked and a few seconds later Junie came running out of the bathroom saying that she had been shocked too. We asked Jalen what happened and she said that she was playing with the Christmas lights and one of them shocked her. This is why we don't want them playing with the lights!

Fast forward about ten hours. I'm in the downstairs bathroom (the same bathroom Junie was in earlier when we lost the electricity), and what do I see? It's a pair of tweezers, which is not odd in itself, however, these tweezers were black and melted on the tips. Strange right? I think for a moment.. hmm.. Junie was in this bathroom when we lost electricity earlier. So I go find Junie and I ask her about it.

Me: Junie, did you put these tweezers in the electrical outlet earlier today?

Junie: ...

Me: Well did you?

Junie: If I don't say anything, that means 'yes.'

Me: "Yes" means yes Junie. Why did you put the tweezers in the outlet.

Junie: I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that.

I think for second.. is it possible that we NEVER implicitly told Junie to NOT put anything in an electrical outlet. I couldn't specifically remember telling her that.. but she's eight years old.. surely she knows she isn't supposed to. I decide to ask Matt. I told him what Junie did and he said that he's told her numerous times to not put anything in an electrical outlet. So back to Junie.

Me: Junie, you have been told many times to not put things in an electrical outlet.

Junie: I put things in there all the time and nothing happens.

Me: WHAT? What do you mean you put things in there all the time? What are you putting in the outlets?

Junie: I put a Popsicle stick in once and nothing happened.

Me: Why are you putting things in the electrical outlet when you KNOW that you are not supposed to? Don't you know that that can kill you?

Junie: OK, I'll tell you the truth (this means that everything she has told me is a lie and she is about to tell me the truth). I do it because I don't think you know what you're talking about and I want to see for myself if anything will happen.

Me: What if you had been killed?

Junie: I wasn't

Me: But what if you had?

Junie: I wasn't.. geez.. it's not like I'm going to do it again.

Brilliant. Just. Brilliant.

P.S. Junie got to lose a Christmas present because of this.


Andrew Detmers said...

I bet Junie a dollar that she wouldn't do it.

I guess I owe her some money.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi-- That's scary. So glad Junie was okay.

Sending Happy New year wishes to you and your family.

Cheers, jj

Christie said...

I am glad everyone is ok too! Happy New Year!


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