Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Giveaway

I had meant to do this yesterday evening but I was without a computer last night. My PC kept crashing so Matt had to reinstall Windows:P The good news is that all of my files are now backed up, but the bad news is that now I have to reinstall all of my software and transfer my pictures back to my computer. Really though, I had too much stuff on it before so it worked out well. Now on to the giveaway...

This month the winner will receive a 3.5" x 5" print of their choice from my shop. What do you have to do to enter? Just respond to this post and let me know what your favorite print is from my shop. If you also write about this giveaway on your own blog you will get a second entry.. but be sure to tell me in your comment that you are planning to do this.

Here are a few of the newer prints now available:

Sometimes You Have To Go It Alone

Just Another Daydreamer

The Writer

Good luck everyone and thank you for entering!!


Tammie said...

I am glad things worked out with your computer.
So many wonderful things in your store, choosing is not easy. There was:
Chickadee, Chickadee, Dream and Weave and Dream With Me and others, but I think I would choose the writer... for personal reasons... I am so often in the woods, stopping to write poetry, watch the leaves fall and visit with the mushrooms. Lovely colors you are using.
So kind of you to offer a give away.

rachel awes said...

there is so much to love
& for now, "the writer"
is speaking to me!

Izzy said...

got to have them all... i'm not going to enter because we've won so many that i want your prints to do their magic in a different home. hope matt is feeling better. big hugs!!

VisionWise said...

Hi Amariah...
i love all of your beautiful artwork, but I still feel that "Chickadee, Chickadee, I Dreamt You Wove My Hair For Me" is my favorite for sure... It really is unique and very interesting... I love so many things about it, and it holds meaning for me... If I win I'd love to give my print to my daughter, to put in her room... Thanks for being so generous every month :) Much love to you and your family...

Bettyann said...

Your print "Small Tree in a small world" speaks to me..thank you

Cindy said...

Pick my favorite ONE?!! No way... not possible... I have too many favorites to choose just one... but, if I HAD to, I would pick "All That Remained" but I also love "The House on a Cliff". See? I still couldn't do it! :)
Thanks for offering these give-aways, Amariah - I love your work!

Betsy said...

Too many favorites...

Just Another Daydreamer -so Rose!
I'm not coming with you this time
Where I used to Live
The World on an Island
You Have to be Careful with This One
Sailing to Bluer Skies
Sometimes you Have to Go It Alone - I think this is my current favorite of my favorites. It's where I am in life and completely happy about it.

Griselda said...

How very lovely...congratulations

Becky said...

I love them all!But I adore the daydreamer.I love the 3 little birds.Since I like anything with birds.How did I miss this one,hope Im not to late.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi ,
I hope I am not late in entering your contest. I love all of your art work so if I would win any piece would be a great addition to my studio. :) I love birds and the Daydreamer is lovely too.
Hugs and thanks for having the giveaway.