Friday, September 10, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce the winner of my latest giveaway:D

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I assigned each person with a random number, and two numbers if they wrote about my giveaway on their own blog. I then used to randomly select a winner.

And the winner is... Izzy over at Stone Spirit!!

Izzy is soon to be proud owner of an original 5x7 drawing made just for her:o)

I'll announce another giveaway on Sunday, so be sure to check back!


Liberty said...

congratulations Izzy! :-)

Tammie Lee said...

Oh how wonderful for her to win your sweet piece!

Izzy said...

YAY FOR ME!!! =) Thanks, Am!

Alex said...

that's so cool!
Congratulations Izzy!