Friday, August 20, 2010

Giveaway Time.. Finally:P

Soooo, I decided to giveaway something more special this time.. The winner will receive a 5" x 7" original drawing custom made just for the him/her.

All you have to do to enter is respond to this post by telling me what you did this Summer.. If you also write about the giveaway on your own blog you will receive a second entry.. just let me know in your comment if you plan on doing this:)

Good Luck Everyone!!


pinksuedeshoe said...

Eeeep! I love this! I've spent most of my summer in thrift stores and cleaning up my spare bedroom turned crafty headquarters. But I can't wait for fall and the chilly weather that comes with it.

Sarah Craig said...

Hi, Amariah! I've spent my summer playing with a very imaginative 2 1/2 year old - we have picnicked, gone to the beach, run a store, played in the snow.... you name it, we've probably done it! Her imagination knows no limit, and she can pretend anything - and takes me right along with her!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Amariah, Sumemr has flown by but mine's been pretty full. Godson and I flew to Ohio to meet my 1st great-niece-- It was awesome and tomorrow I'm going to NYC with hubby. How's your summer going?

Thanks for the great giveaway. It really is VERY special.

xo jj

Ohiocrochetlady said...

I spent the summer with my 2 lovely girls.

Cindy Caraway said...

Hi Amariah,
Summer has been a crazy blur! Here's the short list: Disney World, Smoky Mountains, Northern Wisconsin, Iowa State Fair, fishing, beading, planting, harvesting, singing, garage sale-ing, drinking coffee on my front porch and wine in my back yard! What more can a girl ask for?? :)

Natasha said...

So adorable. :)

lalchy said...

hmm. I went to some concerts, I met bands, Adriatic sea...

Alex said...

Wow great idea, I hope I'm not too late
My summer was a special time, in fact, it was quite great.
I took my daughter on a plane and left the Aussie cold
We soared through the clouds together and my girl was good as gold.
She must have sensed, although only two, that this really was special to me
And as we closed on Britain I told her stories of what she'd see.
First off she'd meet Grandma, who'd love her at first sight
she'd feed her sweets and spoil her rotten and spin her yarns at night
Then there are uncles, aunts and cousins, just desperate for a play
In fact, for six whole weeks, I don't think there'd be a quiet day.
And as we landed I really knew that it was too good to last
my little girl in England, six weeks it flew too fast.
Back on the plane in the blink of an eye, summers disappear so soon
But the love of your family will always shine brightly like the moon.
So I spent my summer in my home town, with my wife and little girl
and although it was over much too soon, I wouldn't change it for the world

:-) Will mention your comp on my blog, love the little pic that goes with it - very nice

Linda said...

The summer has whizzed by at lightening speed... we live near the ocean and have taken long walks at dusk along the sand dunes with the dogs... just in silence... with nothing but the crashing waves for sound... very peaceful ...

My days have been filled with looking for work... and starting a new business venture... I prefer to think of hte quiet walks instead.

Liberty said...

what a great idea!
I hope I'm not too late to enter :)

somehow the summer flew by in a swirl of humidity and trying to cook outside whenever possible to avoid heating up the house!
I have tried to stay creative as often as possible. painting indoors with watercolours and outdoors with acrylics. drawing and doodling here and there.
I recently spent a week at the Omega Institute camping, eating amazing food (cooked by someone else!!! the best kind!! LOL!) and going to seminars on Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. it was a wonderful week, life changing, and when I think back to this summer, I know that is what I will remember - as if it was far longer than 1 week!

Izzy said...

As you know I'm not a big fan of summer, so I've spent these past few months wishing it away. The hot, humid air here in NC has been too much for my poor little winter soul...

You know I'll blog you.

Glad to see you back and wishing Matt well before his return to work. Miss his blogs too. =)

Jakk said...

It has surprised me how this summer has demanded introspection when it is typically a very extroverted time of year for me. A visit to the ocean refreshed me and sharing with friends, old and news, has uplifted me. I've turned a lot of circles in my workshop, deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go. I'm welcoming Autumn with open arms!

Anne said...

This summer i have spent with my three kiddos. one has autism, and it's therapy everyday. but we did squeese in a fun family trip (with extended family!)
annemolino at hotmail dot com