Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cleaning, Cleaning..

I'm soooo happy that Summer is almost over. It really is my least favorite time of year.. except for when it's the middle of Winter and 20 degrees below zero, then Summer is my most favorite time of year. Matt is still at home, but he goes back to work in two weeks.
I've been trying to get the house cleaned up because it sort of got trashed over the Summer. With Matt unable to use his left arm he couldn't really help out much. However, a few months ago, I did discover that Jalen is able to do things like clean out the fridge and do a GOOD JOB! I have to admit that I only clean it once every couple of months, but now I can have Jalen clean it every week.. yay! Of course this means I have to give her a raise in allowance.. but I figure that with all the work sh does, she's still working for about $1/hour... and that equals a pretty good deal for me!
Other then the fridge, the hardest thing for me to keep clean is the stove top and oven. Regular cleaners just don't do anything for those areas.. I've even tried steel wool and that doesn't get it clean! I looked it up online though, and found out that ammonia is the way to go. You are supposed to take all the pieces of the stovetop and put them in a large bag. You then add a cup of ammonia and then seal it up. You let it sit overnight and the gas from the ammonia makes all the pieces really easy to clean. The only problem is that when you open the bag the gases will destroy about half of your brain cells so you have to be really careful. The first time I did this I didn't have anything over my face and it burned my eyes and throat. Next time I'm going to use a mask and goggles though. If I wasn't so lazy I would take a picture to show you but.. umm.. you can just 'imagine' how shiny and clean it is;o)
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rachel awes said...

happy seasonal change to you! :)
& what a funny thing this sweet girl seas in the trees! xox

Andrew Finnie said...

Amariah, this is so interesting, is it dangerous, is it going to fall. The girl is so delicate too. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

There's a lot of cleaning and scrubbing going around in blogland posts. Doesn't it feel great when things are all clean and put away. Now if I could just get your really reasonable "labor" to stop by and help me ;-)
Cheers, jj