Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Argument

Matt: Why are you mad at me?

Me: You know why.

Matt: No, I don't.

Me: Maybe if you think about it for awhile you'll figure it out.

Matt: (sighs) can we not do this? Just tell me why you're mad.

Me: Fine.

Matt: ...?

Me: I'm mad because yesterday when I was mad at you, I told you to leave me alone, and you just walked away.

Matt: Your mad because I did what you told me to do?

Me: Usually you care enough to keep asking me what's wrong, but yesterday you just walked away.

Matt: I'm tired of having to pry things out of you.

Me: Well you've already set a prying-precedent and you can't stop now.

Matt: Why?

Me: Because now I expect it!

Matt: What were you even mad about yesterday?

Me: ...I don't know. Nothing I guess. Look, if I say I'm sorry for being mad at you yesterday can we just forget about it?

Matt: Yes

Me: ok

Matt: Well?

Me: Well what?

Matt: Aren't you going to apologize for being mad at me yesterday for no good reason?

Me: I just did!

Matt: No you didn't!

Me: Yes, I did. I said "ok."

Matt: That is not an apology.

Me: (thinks for a few seconds) I think that you are the one who should apologize to me anyways.


Me: because yesterday when I was mad at you for no good reason and I told you to leave me alone you just walked away.

Matt: If you tell me to leave you alone then I'm going to leave you alone. I'm tired of playing mind-games.

Me: Well I'll just keep being mad at you then... And don't think I won't! I can hold a grudge for years!

Matt: Maybe you should learn to let things go.

Me: No way! Forgiveness is for quitters! And if there's one thing I'm not, it's a quitter.

Matt: But you want me to forgive you?

Me: You're just being ridiculous now. Why do you always have to turn things around? You really need to apologize to me.

Matt: I'm not going to apologize. You are the one that needs to apologize.

Me: I already did. I'm not going to keep saying it over and over again.

Matt: I'm not going to apologize to you.

Me: Fine. I won't apologize to you either.

Matt: Fine.

Me: Fine.... I'm really hungry. Want to go get something to eat?


Surabhi said...

Absolutely LOVELY. :)

Izzy said...

When will Amariah's Creative Advisor be posting his version of the story? =) Did you participate in my giveaway? If you did you need to get over there, pay attention missy. Big hug.

Sarah Craig said...

Hysterical! I hope you both read this over, laugh your butts off and apologize to each other and swear never to do it again - until you need a funny blog post, at least! And how is Amariah's Creative Advisor doing these days, anyway?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ha!!! "...already set a prying-precedent..."

I will definitely be using that line in the future :-)


Andrew Finnie said...

Haha! Nice to see a pattern emerging :)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


joven said...
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joven said...
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Z.M. said...

Really nice job :)

PBsArtStudio said...

Ha ha! I like you! I'm glad I found your blog for a good time!!!I've only read three posts and I love them all!! your illustrations are adorable too! ...:D patti

Alex said...

Brilliant! I had to read that a few times because I was too busy laughing I kept missing things - I read it out to my wife as well - we both had smiles and guilty looks on our faces - very well written

Jordanka Yaretz said...

You are very funny.Thanks for a good laugh. I love your art too.