Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Return at Last!

I know it's been forever since I posted but so much is going on. Matt lost the use of his left arm in a fight with a Ninja and he's been really depressed about it. I definitely recommend heading over to his blog and leaving him a comment as this would cheer him up!!! I also recommend becoming a follower of his blog if you aren't already because then you read about what a juice-bag I am (can I copyright the term 'juicebag?' or will all the juice bag companies sue me for using it in a non-juicy way? hmmm) :P
Anyways, having the kids home plus having to do so much around the house has left me little time. I did manage to finish this drawing. I've been working on it just a few minutes a day for the last several months and I'm really happy to finally be finished with it. It's called Stepping Into the Cat's Cradle II and is basically a replacement for my first Stepping Into the Cat's Cradle. I like this one a lot more because it has more color AND it's closer to the style that I've been working on lately.

I have limited edition prints available here in my shop!

Let me know what you think and don't forget to go say 'hi' to Matt!!


rachel awes said...

cat's cradle?!
how i love this so much!
& with birds on/in it!
so inspired, beautiful,..
i CHERISH this one!!!xox

Natasha said...

That's a really interesting concept. Makes me think "What's inside the cat's cradle?" Very nice work. :)

Tammie Lee said...

welcome back, summer sure can be a busy time! Your drawing is wonderful!

Bernie said...

Cat's Cradle 11 is beautiful. I love it when people use the gifts they are blessed with....:-) Hugs

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your cat's cradle is wonderful. The hint of color is perfect.

Your husband is a riot. I hope he writes more often!

Have a fun weekend.

Amalia K said...

Hello Amariah :)

May I first congratulate you on this marvelous piece?? I always find myself fascinated by the way some artists' minds work, and apparently the proofs just keep coming.

I am intrigued. Totally.


Andrew Finnie said...

Hey it's all beautiful, the dynamic assymetry and the colours so delicate! Plus it engages the brain. :)