Thursday, June 3, 2010

And the Winner Is....

OK, raise your hand if you think I'm the most unreliable giveaway person ever!

I just realized that I was supposed to do this on Tuesday, but totally forgot. The kids are home from school now and it just completely slipped my mind. But, I did take care of it this morning.

I assigned each entrant with a number, then used to select a winner.

And the winner is Cat of In the Light of the Moon!

She is soon to be the owner of this key chain:

Thank you to everyone who entered and I will be announcing the next giveaway very soon!



In the Light of the Moon said...

oH MY !!!I am so excited...I love love love your work...I am emailing you right away!!!Warmest Regards,Cat

Joanna Jenkins said...

Having be on the winning end of one of your giveaways I know how thrilled Cat will be when she receives her gift.

Hope all is well,