Friday, March 19, 2010

New Shelves and Other Stuff

I've actually been meaning to post this for awhile. Matt put up some new shelves for my in my work room. I thought that I would clean the place up before I took some pictures, but it doesn't matter how much I clean it looks cluttered anyways. Though having the shelves does help:)

He also put a bar on this shelf so that I could have a place for my brown paper. I use this paper a lot of envelopes and other things. It's sooo much easier to have it on a bar then to try to deal with a giant roll of paper!

I also moved my main work table in front of a window.. I guess I could have made those curtains look a little neater before I took the picture!! It really is much nicer to be in front of a window instead of a wall!!

And finally, I got my very first air plant!! It has to be soaked in water every couple of weeks for an hour, but other then that it doesn't need anything. I bought this one from Augury on Etsy. Shipping was really fast and it arrived in perfect condition:)

I've been working on a lot of new things lately that hopefully I will be able to share soon!!


Pease Porridge said...

LOVE the brown paper roll. Wish I had that. Jalen is so pretty. Hope she can get her splint off soon.

becky said...

I love that brown paper roll as well.

Great change looking outside,my desk faces a a wall too, but I have a window to the left of me.

Happy sunday Amariah!

Holly Renee said...

The shelves and paper roll look quite helpful. And there's nothing like a window view to inspire (or distract in my case).

Cindy Caraway said...

There's nothing better than a creative space re-do - just moving things around seems to get everything going in the right direction. You'll love working in front of a window!! :)