Friday, November 13, 2009

Kitten and Details

Well it looks like little Samwise might actually pull through. When I went to the vet yesterday he was able to eat food and look around. He's pretty alert but he still can't stand up. Also, there is some swelling on the base of his head which causes him to stiffen up when we touch it. I thought he would be coming home today, but the vet wants to keep him until tomorrow because his motor skills are still impaired. Once he comes home he'll have to be kept in a cage with a heating pad for two weeks. The kids won't be able to come around him at all. Even a little bit of excitement could cause him to start having seizures again. It will be hard for him to be locked up -I can tell that his brain wants to get up and run around but his body just won't let him.
For the last several weeks I've been working on this drawing of Junie in my spare time.

I really wanted to do something that had a LOT of detail. I drew this same picture a few years ago but in that version she is wearing a sleeveless shirt. The shirt didn't have a lot of detail in it so I swapped it out for this sweater. There aren't very many people who do 'extreme' detail work- probably because it can be so time consuming- but I really like it and I want to start making more drawings like this. Here is a close-up of the sweater:

Just this one little section took me over an hour and I'm still not happy with it. I'm guessing it will end up taking around 30 hours for the entire drawing- maybe it'll be finished sometime in 2011! I think the results will be worth it though.


aforestfrolic said...

So glad Samwise is mending and will come home tomorrow...such good news! Love, love, love that detail...I would never have the patience. You are an amazing artist.

Jamie :)

Pease Porridge said...

The detail is amazing! Wow! She looks so sweet in this portrait. How wonderful to be able to do that. Maybe when I am older, if I still have my eyesight. Hee hee.
Sounds like the kitten just needs to get rid of the swelling and will be back as new. I hope it all goes well.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh...wishing Samwise a healthy comeback! You'll have to keep us posted...I'm thinking of him.

The detail is amazing...right down to the cabling on the sweater! I would never have that kind of looks fabulous!

rkdsign88 said...

Your drawing looks amazing,great detail. Love it.