Monday, August 31, 2009

The Trowel Incident

A few weeks ago I was mowing the lawn. I'm almost always the one that mows the lawn because I think it's good exercise.. I read somewhere that you burn about 400 calories in an hour.. or maybe it's 500. Actually, I think it depends on your weight/metabolism. But anywho, I'm mowing along when all of a sudden I hear grinding metal and my mower stops. I lift it up only to find a trowel that someone had left in the yard.

About a month before that the kids had decided that they would start a garden so they got all the gardening tools out, but apparently hadn't bothered to put them away. Well the mower wouldn't start, so I went inside to tell Matt. He looked it over and said we would have to take it in. Boy, were we mad. Those kids! Too lazy to put stuff back after they use it. "We should make them pay to get the mower fixed!" said I. Matt thought it was a great idea.. that'll teach them to leave things out in the yard. The kids were all gone that day, but when they got home they were gonna get it!

Fast forward a few hours... I'm still thinking about that mower but also how clever I am to make the kids pay for it. Good parenting means teaching your kids to be responsible, and I was feeling rather proud of myself. And I sure was glad that most of the lawn was mowed though, and that got me thinking to the week before when I had mowed the lawn when the grass was wet. The mower kept stalling because the wet grass was getting caked onto the bottom. To get the grass out I had to scrape it off with...ugh, wait..

I scraped it off with that trowel!!! Yikes!

And what did I do with that trowel after scraping the wet grass off?

Why I did the "Amariah" thing and gave it a great big toss over my shoulder.. it landed in the grass and there it remained 'til I ran it over a week later.

Lesson learned: People who live in glass houses shouldn't blame other people for leaving tools out that they actually left out themselves.. or something like that..


Julie-ann said...

He, he, he, this post is so funny.
Glad you remembered before your children came home to remind you,lol! I do this kind of thing also. Tut, tut on me!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh this is a riot! I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me where I start to blame someone else and then "oops...I think I might have been the one!" Ssshhhh...I won't tell the kids..LOL!

aforestfrolic said...

Oh boy, I've done similar things before and my kids love when I have to say sorry to them, tee hee. We just spent about 4 hours today cleaning the tornado of a room of my oldest! Let me tell ya, the whole time she was like 'I'm never going to let it get like this again,' but I'm pretty sure I heard that last time, ugh. Hope your mower gets fixed soon. And I do some of the mowing too, but probably only burn about 50 calories since our yard is so small :(

Jamie :)

Izzy said...

when stuff like that happens, just blame it on your other personality. people will think you're so nuts they won't argue and won't get mad... =)