Saturday, August 29, 2009

Radom Things

1. I'm sick with some type of cold/flu. I really hate being sick- no one probably likes to be sick, but I reeeeaaaly hate it. Matt took the kids to ChuckeCheese so I can get some rest. I've never been a resting kind of person though so I'm sure I'll spend most of the day working on this or that.

2. Yesterday morning Junie woke me up to tell me that there was a "big emergency." One of the kids clogged up the downstairs toilet, and the boys decided that they would fix it themselves. Umm, yeah, it didn't work out for them. I came downstairs to an inch of water in the bathroom. Apparently, they figured that they could just keep flushing the toilet over and over and it would be fixed. So I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning that up and disinfecting the grossness.

3. Junie started out the school year with notes home. In fact, on her very first day she came home and said "I have some bad news for YOU!" With the emphasis on "you" as if it is my problem and not hers. However, the last three days she's been good. *Crossing fingers that she doesn't get suspended this year*

4. Trying to come up with a nice little drawing for this week's Illustration Friday topic "magnify." Maybe I'll have a chance to do draw that up later on today. I also want to get my room and art room cleaned.. yeah, I know, I'm sick.. probably should be relaxing..

5. I don't think I've posted this drawing on my blog yet. It's called In Search of Bluer Skies and it's available here! I've been in the mood lately to draw pictures that have a narrative of sorts.

6. Don't forget to enter my giveaway.. only a few more days til the drawing!!!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. The weather is awesome here!!


becky said...

I know wart you mean about being sick.Funny I thought about this flu epeidemic coming(if it really is)I detest so much those predictions of how many will die in the USA from it.I get soooo angry over things like that.No one knows a thing at all.
UGH, The toilet thing happend to me this summer... had to repair the ceiling in the living room etc.Well I cant wait to catch your new pic,I will check it out.Still keeping toes and fingers crossed LOL,amybe I will get another pic from the famous Amariah,have a great weekend! Oh and by the way the weather is getting a bit colder here now as well.Lots of wind too.I guess the storm is moving up the east coast now from Florida.

becky said...

Ah that wasnt wart it was what,ahaha fast typing is NOT for me.Hmmm.. made lots of mistakes on that up there.

becky said...

Thats really cute Amariah,Stella is adorable.How do you come up with those ideas?