Saturday, August 8, 2009


Several months ago I set up a Facebook account. I didn't do anything with it until people started adding me as a friend. It's a pretty cool site, but not very user friendly. I started a fan page for myself the other day. I have 32 fans already..only 9,968 more to reach my goal of 10,000 :o)
Using the utility Networked Blogs I was able to connect my blog to my fan page. I've seen the little Networked Blogs box on other blogs and I never knew what it is for. It's actually a separate way to follow a blog. According to Networked Blogs I have one follower to my blog, but I actually have almost 100 on blogger. There is still a lot that I'm trying to figure out. I also have a link to my FB fan page on my blog sidebar, but it's cut off at the bottom for some reason. I tried adjusting the size in the HTML code, but it didn't work. Perhaps I need to use a different blog layout?

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Cindy Caraway said...

I found you because we are in an Etsy treasury together! I love your work! I blogged about it and included links to your Etsy shop and also to this blog site - no pictures, though. If you would rather I not have these links, please let me know. Anyway... Wow!