Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ack! I can't believe I haven't posted anything for four days. I really thought that I would be able to do a lot more blogging over the Summer but we've just been too busy.
My little June-bug (aka Junie) is sick with some type of stomach flu. She slept in this morning til about 11, and all she can eat is crackers. Jalen was nice enough to give her bath after she threw up all over my bed and floor :o/ No one else is sick, and Matt thinks that she was up all night eating and playing and that is why she's feeling bad. We found cereal bar wrappers and a bunch of toys out in her room this morning. I think the evidence speaks for itself!
This Summer has just flown by. School starts again in a few weeks- Matt wants to start shopping for school supplies next week. Both the girls need new shoes. It doesn't matter how much I spend on their clothes and shoes they always ruin them with holes and stains. I do wish that they would appreciate their stuff more. When I was a kid all of my stuff was second hand. Ah well, guess that's just the way kids are.
I decided to go ahead and add some color (and a little bird) to my IF drawing from the other day.

I hope everyone has a great week :o)

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becky said...

Oh the life that mommies have,lol.Really it can get you down a bit but it goes fast so enjoy when they are older its independence from home all the way,LOL.Except for my oldest I think she would love to move back home lol.Shes dealing with her fiances 3. 2 girls and a boy ages,11,13,14.I dont envy her.

Love the color you put on the pic so adorable, and just enough.I enlarged it and wow looks so cute.Have a nice rest of the week Amariah!