Monday, July 13, 2009

How Hard is it to Brush Your Teeth???

The girls went to the dentist two weeks ago, and it turned out that Jalen has three cavities. Well I took the girls in this morning to have thier molars sealed, and guess what? The hygenist had to clean Jalen's teeth again because there was so much plaque build up (I know, that's really gross). It's only been two weeks since they were last cleaned! I would think that having three cavities would be a big enough motivater to brush your teeth, but apparantly not. Sooo, I'm going to start brushing her teeth myself. It's pretty bad that a nine year old can't brush her own teeth, but I can't stand idly by while her teeth fill up with cavities. On top of that, the hygenist showed me places where her teeth are yellowing. I really don't get it. When I was a kid I brushed my teeth four or five times a day~ getting a cavity would have been devastating! We've shown her pictures of kids with 'mountain dew mouth' and we've explained to her that she could end up having to get dentures, but it is to no avail. She just doesn't care! Does anyone know what I should do?


Pease Porridge said...

Awww, I know I still brush both of mine and they are 7 and 5, but I know they will not do a good enough job. I feel bad because my 5 year old already had two cavities, but she has really tight contacts. I am just going to start flossing them both each night too. Fun, isn't. By the way, some people are just prone to build up because of their saliva make up. I never get build up but my husband does and he is a brushing fanatic.

becky said...

You have a bit of a problem there.Im not sure what to tell you other than say to her Im going to stand here and watch you brush so lets go.After a bit of time maybe a week or so.See if, on her own, she does it and does it well.Check her mouth afterwards.I hope this helps you. Also maybe just check each time since its still summer,and then when she goes to school and you are going to a job or school as well then you will know if shes made a difference over the summer.Good Luck!;)

Sprite said...

Hi There :) I just stumbled on your blog. Nice work!

I can't find the name of it, but i have seen quite a few commercials recently for this new toothpaste for kids. I believe its blue and it tints their teeth, once they've brushed long enough and effectively it disappears. It is supposed to help teach them
proper brushing. If it does what it suggests, It'd probably help, I would imagine she wouldn't want to walk around with blue tinted (indicating dirty?) teeth :) Maybe you can google the name or someone else may know what its called? Also, Sensodyne has a new pronamel tooth paste for kids which helps protects against acid erosion,cavities and rehardens enamel.

This experiment looks pretty neat, it shows how tooth paste protects teeth and what everyday food acids do to them, eg: what happens to them when you dont clean them properly.

Hope that helps some. Great luck!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

My kids never wanted to brush their teeth either. Finally, they came out with these fancy toothbrushes that did so much of the work...not the scrubbing they had to do. It seemed to help. I also let them have at it with a water pic. The bathroom was a horrible mess, but they loved to squirt the water. This too will pass..LOL!

Julie-ann said...

My dentist told me that yellowing in teeth is caused by taking antibiotics at an early age. My teeth are yellowish because of this.
In the uk the dentsit don't take the back wisdom teeth out ever until they become troublesome. Which mine did when I was 40 years old and the dentist pushed my jaw out of it socket and are suffering for it.
My son David never cleaned his teeth well and had to have his back wisdom teeth removed and I was so pleased. I was glad he rotted them so forced removal at 19 years of age. Now he won't have any problems with an older brittle jaw. He still has his soft jaw until around 26 years old.
My daughter Hannah had to have 4 back teeth removed and her teeth are so straight and wonderful.
I think having them removed, she cleaned them after this. A bit late but she has lovely straight teeth now. If she hadn't of had these teeth out she would of needed braces like my other daughter who's teeth are a mess crooked wise. Lovely white teeth she cleans perfectly.
I am for cleaning teeth totally, sorry if I am confusing. There are some silver lines in dark clouds.
I clean my teeth at the same time with the youngest so she enjoys it more.
Doesn't sound great my story.
It seems to have worked out better for the two that didn't clean their teeth. I am not sure if David keeps good health now, he has his own place now and comes for visits. Hope he does?
Hannah does.
Oh what am I talking about,lol!
Hope you get what I am babbling on about!
Have a great day!

Fantastic Figments said...

AHHH I feel her/your pain... Well kind of... although I brush my teeth I have really soft teeth so I am constantly in the dentist with cavities... they are frustrating and worse of all means I might not have my own teeth forever. My cousin had the same problem as your daughter and ended up getting a gum infection that was very painful and ultimately lead to his mouth bleeding constantly (now that is gross).

Have you ever tried giving out awards/gifts to the kids who brush their teeth. Say everyone is in the bathroom getting ready at morning/night and everyone is brushing their teeth except her so everyone who brushed their teeth gets to have extra computer time/tv time/outside play time (something that she would really enjoy). When she realizes she is missing out she might realize that brushing her teeth has its perks. Eventually she will realize the perk is not losing your teeth.