Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cleaning and Doctors

I took Junie to the doctor today because she's been yanking on her right ear. Also, according to my mom, she is breathing too heavily. Her Dr said that she's fine though. He suggested that she may have allergies so I should give her Benadryl. If that doesn't work, I'm supposed to give her Claritin for kids.
I also took Junie to Hobby Lobby today, and she got made because I wouldn't buy her any of those decorative rubber grapes. Sooo, she complained the entire time and now she's spending the afternoon in bed. Way to go Junie!
I spent the last two days cleaning the girls room. Twice a year I go through their closets, toy boxes, and under their bed and give it a good cleaning. I also switched out all their clothes from Winter to Summer. I threw away four yard bags full of toys and clothes this time. I also got rid of a set of plastic drawers.
I've still been really busy with a lot of custom orders, so I haven't had a chance to do much for my Etsy shops. Now that the kids are home from school I do all my drawing and painting when Matt gets home. During the day I clean and make sure that the kids aren't jumping out of the upstairs window - yes, they have done that before :o/
As far as my blog is concerned, I think that I might start posting more photos. Especially since the weather is so nice outside now :o)


Pease Porridge said...

I hope Junie feels better soon. I know what you mean about deep cleaning the kids rooms. I do it right before Christmas and Birthdays. I just finished unloading the basement onto our local Goodwill store. I have a feeling I know exactly what the inside of that store looks like right now. ;) Love your latest work below.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Kids can get themselves into the darndest situations...like jumping out widows. Hope Junie is better and you get time for just you...other than cleaning that is ☺

suziart said...

WoWeeE, I need a nap just reading about all the stuff you did!!! I'm bushed!!! hee hee

suziart said...

Lady, you deserve an award! Visit my blog to pick it up!