Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am I That Old?

We have two computers in our house, and they are both on an L-shaped desk. A few weeks ago I was working at my computer, and Junie was playing a game on Matt's computer right next to me. Junie was playing a game called "Toon Town" which is one of her favorite games. In the midst of her playing she turned to me and said this:
Junie: Mommy, did you used to play this game when you were a kid?

Me: (thinking what a cute question) no, that game didn't exist when I was a kid.

Junie: What games did you play on the computer?

Me: We didn't have one, so I didn't play any games on the computer

Junie: Why didn't you have a computer?

Me: We didn't need one. Most people didn't have computers when I was a kid.

Junie: (her exact words) You mean you lived way back then away when people didn't have computers?

Me: Some people had computers, but most people didn't need them. The Internet didn't exist yet.

Junie: Does that mean that you're really old and you're going to die pretty soon?



Fantastic Figments said...

Oh my heart. Only in a child's mind.

Little does she know you have many many MANY more sparkling years ahead of you! Something she will be very thankful for when her kids ask her that question :)


Fantastic Figments said...

Happy almost holiday lady.

When you are in NY I will take your picture anytime! My Pleasure :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Out of the mouths of babes..to them, each day is an eternity so you can imagine what they think of when they say years!! Happy 4th of July!! Enjoy the weekend!