Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversations about Laundry

Matt and I agreed several years ago to split up the housework. He cleans the kitchen and I do laundry. As you can imagine, laundry for six people is a pretty big job- I probably do about 2 - 3 loads a day. Not only do I have to run it all through the washer and dryer, but I also have to put the laundry away. For the most part I just shove clothes in whatever drawer that they will fit in. There are only a few things I have to hang up (like Matt's work clothes). I also hang up the girls shirts, but all of the boys clothes go in their dresser- except for their jeans which I simply pile up next to their dresser. I don't see the point in putting too much effort into this process because the clothes are just going to get taken out and worn again.
Yesterday, my sisters came over and took the kids shopping, and they bought each child two toys. No big deal, right? Well Matt decided that we need to make room for these new toys in the boys room. And by "make room" he means that I should start hanging the boys jeans up in the closet instead of making a pile of them on the floor.

The conversation:

Matt- Would you please start hanging the boys jeans up in the closet?

Me - Why?

Matt- Because we need to make room for their new toys.

Me - (looking perplexed) What are you talking about?

Matt- The jeans are taking up too much space, and I would like you to start hanging them up.

Me- No

Matt- Why?

Me- I just don't want to

Matt- What do you mean, you just don't want to?

Me- I'm probably not going to feel like hanging jeans up. Anyways, I think that putting jeans on a hanger is stupid.

Matt- Why can't you just agree to hang them up?

Me- Do you want me to lie and tell you I'm going to, and then not? or do you want me to tell the truth?

Matt- You're being ridiculous.

Me- Am I? Because I think that anyone who hangs jeans up is ridiculous.

Matt- (silence)

Me- I don't care what you think, I'm not going to hang jeans up.

Matt- I'm just asking you to hang them up. I don't see why this is a big deal. Please hang them up from now on.

Me- No, I can put the laundry away however I want.

Matt- (sighs) I can't believe this.

Me- You better believe it.

Matt - When you ask me to do something, I do it even if I don't feel like it.

Me- That's your problem. Maybe you should stop doing what I tell you to do.

Matt- Please??

Me- If you don't like the way that I do laundry, then you can do it.

Conversation over.

I found this picture here and I think it does a good job of summing up my feelings about laundry:-)


TurtleMommy said...

Hey girl!!! That was too funny! Everytime my husband says something about the laundry getting done, I always say "yeah well be my guest to do it yourself!" hahahh that kind ends it! men......

how have you been? Haven't seen you around CEM in a little bit =[ Hows school and the fam?

Skyline Candle Company said...

This is too funny! Men... My husband and I have spats like this all the time! :) Thanks for sharing!